Monday, September 29, 2014

The Pornstars' Rack: the last of September Magazines

Yes! It's time to be...


Aroused! Magazine Issue 11

The latest issue of Aroused! which came out Friday sharp as ever, is a treat for the ladies! As Marika Blaisdale points out, seems that the majority of magazine readers is from Venus, so why not giving them something nice to feast their eyes on?

Makes you wanna tickle him and stuff, right?

And for sure the models Marika shot in this issue are very different from one another, but both with a charming look. Cover model Larry Vinaver brings his funk to the mag, and Mirko Panacek is the focus of one of my personal favourite photoshoots from Marika so far. And she did quite a few rather breathtaking ones!

A sitting babe, in 'The babysitter'

But despite Marika's gift to the main demographic of the magazine, guys don't have worry: there are indeed a lot of sexy babes on the issue, thanks to the work of dedicated photographers who never fail to deliver the goods , and that have produced exclusive 'you'll see it here first!' material for Aroused! Prime example, the fantastic Athena, who is slowly releasing the pictures now, and the first is already Sexiest® of the Day material! And of course we have Graham Collinson with his patented pin-ups, featuring Jessica Running Bear and Lil Simone, and the lovely verbal sparring partner of his, Laura Demonista, who brings us a very erotic themed set, 'The babysitter'.

Annjalyk getting her feet wet. What? She is debuting, is what I mean!

Worthy of special attention is, in my opinion, the last photographer on the issue, Annjalyk Storm. Aroused! brings often the spotlight on very talented people who don't have a huge flickr following yet, but that are of absolute, crystal clear value. And Annjalyk is one of them if I have ever seen any. Awesome quality, and worth alone logging on MP and getting the magazine. Ah yes, because, you get Aroused! there

And also through in-world kiosks (IM Marika Blaisdale if you want to place one at your location). Aroused! is of course free and with minimal advertising, comes out every 2 weeks, and the next issue has some real surprises in store! You'll have to torture me to have me reveal more! Or get me drunk! Or...well, I am digressing now. See you in a couple of days for more magazine coverage!

Feel free to contact me in world about torture, excessive drinking, and your magazine, if you think its content is relevant to our blog readers. Thank you!

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