Monday, September 22, 2014

'The Sacrifice' by Lisa Languish

7-6-14 Sacrifice_005

You know what, I loved the disclaimer Lisa put in a previous set she did months ago...

WARNING! If you're a religious person this story will likely offend. It involves the rape of an angel by a demoness. But since you're reading this blog, it's likely not a problem.

And as it was announced in that post back then, well, this time we have two demoness(es), so yay for double rape! The plot goes like this: [...]an erotic two-part epic story. An angel sacrifices herself and her chastity to two shemale demonesses in order to save the life of a small town nun in a forsaken land.

As usual, the quality of the erotic writing is excellent, conjuring very vivid images even when playing with forces and elements that are surely not familiar to anyone's personal experience. I wouldn't really say that the material is 'offensive', as it does not tackle -luckily! lol - philosophical and ethical matters of any controversy: you often see 'angels' and 'demons' as playing characters in games, and in this case, it's sex games! (also, have you seen the stuff I put in the gallery post yesterday? ahem!). Well, ok, 'double rape' can be a bit offensive, I ...guess.

Just go on Edenfell and enjoy the photos and the narration of yet another unconventional scenario brought to you by Lisa's wicked fantasy in this two part ( one , two ) photo set. And visit her flickr too, for a lot more!

7-6-14 Sacrifice_007

7-6-14 Sacrifice_017

7-6-14 Sacrifice_020

7-6-14 Sacrifice_023

7-6-14 Sacrifice_028

8-10-14 Sacrifice_002

8-10-14 Sacrifice_010

8-10-14 Sacrifice_012

8-19-14 Sacrifice 3_001

8-19-14 Sacrifice 3_011

8-19-14 Sacrifice 3_015

8-19-14 Sacrifice 3_019

8-19-14 Sacrifice 3_021

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