Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Almost famous

Shu 4

One of those photographers who has a keen eye for beauty and a true feel for what makes a picture erotic, Nearly Doune produces picture sets that capture a mood so admirably. Virtually any of his photo is a Sexiest photo of the day, and with the others tells a story that makes you feel that the girl she has been with that day has been, indeed, the Sexiest. I liked this little exchange in the comments of one of his pictures.

Luv Caramel: '- Nearly can make anything beautiful. Nearly, we go to the trash dump next time for a bigger challenge! '
Nearly: '- Trash dump it is, Luv :) '
Ella Baxton: '- Are you kidding? Nearly will make even a trash heap look beautiful ♥ '

I don't know if THAT will happen (even if Nearly doesn't mind challenges...), but...I understand it can work!
Anyway, his recent adventures have been actually with other famous SL pornstars, so here I show you a little selection of his sets with: Shurely Shan, Luv Caramel, Whimsical Aristocrat, Ashlynn Jameson, JayJay Moyet, Dokielicious Doobie.

Enjoy, on Flickr and on Nearly's blog!

Shu 7


Shu 9


Luv 6



Whims 6

Whims 9



Ashlynn 8

JayJay Moyet

JayJay Moyet

JayJay Moyet

Dokie 2

Dokie 6

Dokie 4

...Oh THAT would have been a great Happy Ass Monday shot if I have ever seen one!

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