Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Free Nice Looking Cum Layers And Tongue.

Hello Pornies!

For my first post on this blog, I thought I'd redo a post I made some time ago on my own blog, first because it was more than a year ago, and also because there are quite a few newcomers in the community who might be interested.

One of the things that are often overlooked by newcomers in SL porn are cum layers. Well, mostly female newcomers, of course, but not only. *winks* Of course, there are a lot of designers for these, but if you're on a budget, you can get some decent ones anyway very easily, and for free! And you can even get a tongue to match!

So let's first have a look at how it all looks:

Not too bad, uh? *grins* This is actually the less cummy face you can get, there is much heavier stuff in there.
So where can you get it all? Well, quite simple:
  • Go to the sim named Libido - The Land of Pure Sin.
  • Turn round until you see this (you might have to ignore the noobs hitting on you as soon as you appear here, not exactly a respectable place, as you might have figured out *grins*):
  • Look for the boxes indicated by the 'HERE' marker on the photo. (And while you're here, you might also want to have a look at the store named QYN you can see in the background: Q - a.k.a Quinn Ying - is selling her stuff here, if you're into skimpy clothes and sexy shoes, you won't be disappointed).
  • If you get closer to the boxes, here is what you will see (click on the photo for a better view):
  • What you're interested in are the 2 boxes labelled 'Yummy Body/Face Layer for Sluts' and 'Yummy Tongue in 4 versions'. Just buy them for L$0.
  • Look for the two folders named 'Yummy Slut BOX' and 'Yummy Tongue BOX' in your inventory.
I'll let you try the various cum layers for yourself. Be warned, some are quite extreme. *grins* Also note that these are tattoo layers, so they will only be working on your 'normal' av, not on any mesh attachment you might have. You will also probably have to re size the tongue a little, as the version in the box is a bit big.

Since the tattoos are modify-OK, you can also edit them to make a face-only version. My preferred ones for that are those named 'Yummy Slut 0 paint soft face' for something soft and 'Cum Layer Tattoo 5' for heavier stuff. Just make sure to copy them to keep the originals intact, then wear the copy, edit your appearance and go to the 'Tattoo' tab:

Make absolutely sure the tattoo layer you're editing is your copy of the Yummy Slut tattoo. Its name should be indicated, as it is in the zone I circled in red above. Note that the appearance dialog might be a bit different for you depending on the viewer you're using and the options you chose. If it's not the right tattoo, you can select another tattoo layer with something looking like the 'Layer' field.

Once you're sure you have the right one, leave the 'Head tattoo' texture as it is, but click on the 'Upper tattoo' pic and select 'None', then same thing with 'Lower Tattoo'. Save your modifications, and voilà! You have a nice yummy cum face tattoo!

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