Monday, October 6, 2014

Hello! Pornstars! : Club Erotique Pool Party : Oct 5

Sunday's Pool Party at Club Erotique offers Pornstars the last chance to party at the weekend and see it out in style. A 'wet, wild, nude, or very skimpy style' usually! With DJ Yana.

Yesterday's party was absolutely packed! Which meant a very fun, and hot party, with some wonderful sights to cam and enjoy. Unfortunately it never liked me taking pics too much as it crashed me twice. So i am sending huge apologies to all those guests i missed with my camera.

Others i did catch but i won't publish pics unless i feel they have the Pornstars rezzed in the sexy way they were intended.

If any members would like to take a few snapshots during parties I'll be very happy to receive them and publish them in the 'Hello! Pornstars!' section of the blog.

Thanks to all who attended a fun party!

If you missed this or any other parties covered on our 'Hello!' posts. make sure you check out our Party Guide Page. You can catch Info, and SLurl's on this and all our weekly parties right. HERE! 

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