Monday, October 20, 2014

Hello! Pornstars! : Club Erotique Pool Party : Oct 19

No...I never left the taps ( Universal Translator : 'faucets'. ) running in the Bathroom again at Club Erotique, we actually have an indoor swimming pool! Once a week we have it full of 'The Sexiest® Pornstars'!

We had so many great Party Pics appearing on Flickr, we've got them appearing across two posts this week on the Blog! Today's party pics come from Rhiannon TamerlaneKalika Draconis, Thanks to both of you for giving us this great party coverage. You'll be getting your special limited edition 'Pornstars® Paparazzi' Group tags!

We'd love to feature your Pornstars Party pics here on the blog, so if we don't catch yours, please contact me ( Serenity Kristan-Faulds. ) and steer me to them.

Look out for Part two with lots more pics from Kalika Draconis.

If you missed this or any other parties covered on our 'Hello!' posts. make sure you check out our Party Guide Page. You can catch Info, and SLurl's on this and all our weekly parties right. HERE! 

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