Friday, October 31, 2014

Hours Of Halloween Partying In The Pornstars Group!

Club Erotique and Hard Alley will host Halloween Pornstars Parties today! Plus we also have the Hard Alley 9th Annual Halloween Party! ( More of a institution than the Tree House of Horror even! )

So please join us for all of, or at least some of the eight hours of Halloween Partying..Yes eight hours!!! Starting at 1.00pm SLT with DJ Yana at Club Erotique and then a further two hours following right after at Hard Alley! Before U.S prime time event later once again at Hard Alley starting at 7.00pm SLT ( See poster at top. ) Look out for notices and SLurl's in Pornstars group chat!

I hope some shots of last years Club Erotique Pornstars Halloween Party inspire you to make some of the The Spookiest® and Sexiest® costumes. See you there!

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