Saturday, October 11, 2014

Meghindo's - Mesh Body - Make up YOUR mind

This amazing Flickr Upload, and truly comprehensive write up, and URL/SLurl listings was produced by Meghindo Romano Andreea D. A contact on my Flickr, whose stream is always full of stunning pics.

Mesh bodies are really adding so much to Second Life, and in turn Second Life porn projects too. With wonderful curves, and enhanced looks caught on camera. They also help make our parties and Pornstars pure eye candy too!

You really do need to visit the full res wonderful graphic accompanying the post, and read the full write up at this link....

I split the image in photoshop, as our Blogs resolution was not doing it the justice it deserved. Meghindo's Flickr shows the bodies in all their glory. This is a must see if you're buying a body for the first time, or thinking of changing. So please add your Flickr fave to the ever growing total of well over 400!!!

All the text below is in Meghindo's words and her own very hard work....

Starting from Left to Right , from slimmest to chubbiest , their names , price & location availability are :

* CMFF Mbody - Fitted Mesh Avatar ~ L$2,250 ~

* Slink Physique Mesh Body ~ L$1,250 ~

* #TheMeshProject (BETA) Deluxe Body(f) ~ 0L$ / 1000L$ / 2500L$ / 5000L$ ~

* Rin's Mesh Avatar "C" v1.2 ~ L$300 ~

* -Belleza- Venus ~ 3995L$ ~

* Mesh Body Vika 4-0 ~ 500L$ ~

* *!* EVE Vanda "slim&pulpy" // complete avi fittedmesh \\ updated-V8 ~ 3000L$ ~

* *KL* Lena Perky Body ~ 899L$ ~

* *KL* Lena Lush Body ~ 899L$ ~

* .:SKING:. BRAZILIA DOLL 2.0 / ZARAH ~ 1800L$ ~

* :ravenoid: - Nohemi's Small Chubby Body 3.42 ~ 900L$ ~

Above you have either the SLUR for the location where you can purchase or try demo, or the SL Marketplace links to the demos or to the full product if the demo is not available.

My personal recommendation, purchasing and owning them all, would be for YOU to try a demo, inform yourself on the specific product, look around to see if your favorite skin/clothing designers support the product by offering content for it, then try the demo out with your favorite mesh clothes and see what are the adjustments you'd have to make to your shape / mesh size for you to wear them, and then go for the one that has the most pros for you personally.

Remember that fitted mesh bodies change from ALL the sliders and most of them are just a regular default second life shape that the creator favorited , then exported into a 3D modelling software and fine tunned , smoothed , perfected.
This means that it will alter to some degree your regular usual SL shape/look but, by tweaking with your shape sliders , you can bring it close to what you looked like before, only in a more "perfected" HD look ( your breasts won't have triangles, your under-bust waist will look more realistic, your behind will look smoother or more enhanced, etc)

In the world of SL you can choose to be whoever you want to be, look however you want to look and your opinion should not be influenced by bloggers, designers , or people who are trying to sell you something.
Your L$ - your rules


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