Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Sexiest® Photo Of September : Vote Now!

'The Sexiest®' is the longest running and most prestigious feature on the Blog. The images featured daily are stunning, creative, well produced, or just capturing something plain special!

Images selected from those daily pics making 'The Sexiest® Of The Month' nominee list really are very special, sexy, and erotic imagery indeed.

Please vote for which one you consider to be the best, the most inspired, or 'The Sexiest®'!

Please browse all ten images below and cast your vote on the right hand side bar. Images appear in the order they were published throughout the month.

Thank you.

Serenity. xox

 Yuuki Bookmite


Daimaju Clowes

 Illargi Dover

 Laura Richards

Lara Ubert

Tatiana Easterwood

 Malachi Janeway

Athena Obviate

Strawberry Singh

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