Friday, November 21, 2014

Hard Alley NOW CLOSED....sorta.

Yes, the end of an era has come...for the first time in over 8 years, there is no Hard Alley in Second Life.  It was a little sad picking things up and seeing the sim empty, afterall, it is home to many people, including myself.  However...EXCITING things are now starting to happen.  The sim is a blank canvas, and we are now starting to lay down Retroville.  Retroville will be an exciting rp opportunity for hopefully many people. To read more about Retroville, click Here for Hard's Blog.

Now, what about parties at Hard Alley Social Club??  Some may have that question, and the answer is, THE PARTIES ARE STILL HAPPENING!! WEWT!  Yes, a temporary club is up in the air and we will continue to have parties there, so the Pornstar Parties on Wednesday 7-9pm slt, Thursday 7-9pm slt and Fridays Club Erotique/Hard Alley Block Party 3-5pm slt, ARE STILL ON, as well as regular nightly parties.  So, come and join us, and be ready for an awesome new "Retro" sim...coming soon!

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