Monday, November 3, 2014

Hard Alley...Going Back in Time

What is Hard Alley's Retroville?
As most of you know, we've been slowly blowing up, burning down, and generally destroying Hard Alley over the last few months.  That's because Hard Alley is coming to an end.  Literally.
There is no future for Hard Alley.
But there is a PAST!

With the END of Hard Alley, we're going back to the BEGINNING!
We are taking Hard Alley back in time to the 1950s.
We are pleased to announce Hard Alley's RETROVILLE!

Retroville will be a roleplaying sim set in the 1950s.  It's Hard Alley BEFORE it became dark and corrupted.  Retroville will be a shining city full of hopes and dreams, but even then there is a darkness growing in the shadows, hinting at what the future holds.
There will be four main Districts.

A Shopping District, which will include the new Hard Alley Social Club, replacing the Hard Core Sex & Strip Club, and this will remain a relatively OOC area for parties and shopping.
The Business District is the main section of Retroville, and will be the home of Lynden Labs, the Courthouse, and more.  What happens in the offices and back rooms behind closed doors is up to you.
The Residential District will be located just outside the Business District, and will be where our busy roleplayers go home at the end of a long day at the office... let's just hope they don't catch their wives with the milkman!

The final area is the Death Row District.  For those of you who still want the grungy Hard Alley experience, this zone is for you.  It's the wrong side of the tracks, with run down housing, biker bars, a seedy strip club, and coming SOON... the Death Row Prison!

We wanted to give you something new and different.  We wanted to give you a new roleplay opportunity that hopefully gets you excited about the possibilities.  We hope you will enjoy it.

Construction on Hard Alley's Retroville begins Nov 17 and will be complete sometime in December.
I want to thank Jaimy Hancroft of Death Row Designs and Tito DeVinna of Rule 34 for volunteering to rebuild Hard Alley.  Without them, this would never have happened.  The majority of the new build is original mesh, and they've worked tirelessly to bring you a really awesome build.

One thing we love to do at Hard Alley is party.  That will continue in Hard Alley's Retroville.

As the setting for the sim is now in the 1950s, the Hard Core Sex & Strip Club is going to have to step back in time as well. It's new name will be the Hard Alley Social Club.

Please keep your eye on Hard Alley group notices and the Hard Alley Blog as well as The Sexiest blog for more information about the exciting role play opportunities!


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