Saturday, November 1, 2014

Hello! Pornstars! : Halloween 2014 @ Club Erotique

With Halloween providing some truly great Pornstars parties this year, with so many hot, sexy, creepy, fun costumes and people attending. You can expect plenty of event coverage here on the Blog. Starting with my own snaps at Club Erotique's Halloween Party on Friday.

A really fun party, with some great people and costumes. DJ'ed with style as usual by Yana, but as they say in those TV commercials..but wait! That's not all.......The wonderful creepy venue was built specially for the event by the talented DJ Yana too. That's one committed Pornstars DJ! Huge thanks to her.

Check out a full schedule and line up of all our weekly events/parties. Right HERE. On the Blog. In our Official Pornstars Party Guide.

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