Friday, November 7, 2014

The Pornstars Rack : Busted Magazine : November Issue

The Pornstars Magazine 'Rack' is never more aptly named than when it comes to looking at the new issue of 'Busted' Magazine!

The magazine is a real institution and continues to be wonderfully produced. It's #1 because of the work which goes into its production. A full on job for all involved.

Packed full of great content, and of course all of it of huge interest to our Pornstars Group. Not least because of those working on it. Big name Pornstars such as owner Rachel Swallow's and Photographer and magazine writer Be among many others. It also regularly features well known names on our scene, or of course names many photographers and even movie directors would surely like to get to work with.

November's issue features our Pornstars Group in focus. With Busted kindly inviting me to pose along with Louise, and tell them some history of our Group and Erotique in an interview.

Busted has everything from consumer reviews and information for the curvy girl, to awesome shoots and sets, interviews, contests, and articles. Look out for it on Pornstars Group Notices!

Big thanks to Rachel for providing me with this promo set of images. Now what's in this issue!?

From Rachel :

Our designer spotlight of the month is Lisanna Lauria of MoDANNA,
now that's an interview you don't want to miss. ;-)
We will also be presenting the winners of Miss Busty 2014! 
And a there's special focus on Sexy Pornstars!

Head down to BUSTed offices to subscribe and pick up your copy. 
If you are a store or land owner and would like a BUSTed kiosk placed, please contact one of the editors.

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