Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Official Pornstars® Blog Gallery #396

A dirty dozen with a bit of everything...guys, gals, gals with extra, couples ... and a frig that would make a frat boy proud! Serious note, I keep running across pictures that do not identify everyone in the shot. Please take a moment and add this. As a model, I like to see my name in the tag and others may want to contact someone they see for something they are shooting. After all, The Pornstars blog is about helping y'all connect.
On with the show!

Throe Velle

Piper Hanriot by Bernard Broono

Lord Bane and Kalika A. Eris by Dante Goldfire

Cindy Starostin by Angel

Benjamin Glendale

Ashley Sugarplum

By Kes Myas (model unidentified)

Oakley Foxtrot
Crys Lexenstar

Selinda Cortes by Zuby Gloom

By Partee Mytilene with Mandylovsyou, Rachel Avro and Kalika

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