Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Pornstars® Blog - Holiday Calendar : Dec 2

Time for a peek behind door #2 : The opening shots of 'The Candy Cane' series from Biarzenne Necro. "The Candy Cane series (so far! couple more coming soon, especially the more naughtier ones..)"

If naughty shots are on the way we'll surely be returning to this set on the Blog. For now though we'll enjoy Biarzenne's super sexy looks and festive lingerie.

I hope to be able to blog Pornstars festive shoots and pics right here on the Holiday Calendar, all the way to Christmas Day! So please lets have some festive naughtiness from our members. Please add a '*PS*' prefix to the title of your pics so they stand out as potential Blog content.

Many Thanks.

Serenity. xox

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