Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Sexiest® Awards 2015 - A Heads Up For Pornstars Members

I've had word from Emmanuelle Jameson and got the first news for this years Sexiest® Awards! Yes it is happening! Incase you were wondering.

Emma would like to remind you all that these awards are given for content, movies, and photography released in 2014 only. So you have up until Jan 1st to get a movie finished or a picture released you wish to enter.

I'm told Movies will have to be hosted at Naughty Machinima or Xtube. So get your films uploaded there to be eligible. Before Jan 1st.

Photographers will also need to get their images in The Sexiest® Flickr Group.  Before Jan 1st.

Entry Forms will be released from January 1st 2015.

I'll blog news of the event as i get it. Including the list of categories when i have them passed to me. This years head judge will also be blogging all the important stuff here too!

I won't Blog anything until i have it 100% certain, but i can say many of the established categories are back, along with some new ones. Members should also be pleased that The Sexiest® Awards has well and truly moved with the times. They really do reflect the Porn scene in Second Life how it is today. With equal opportunity to win awards whatever area of the scene you are involved in. Movie Directing, Photography ( Glamour or Erotic ), modelling, acting, or newcomer.

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