Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Sexiest® Pornstars Of The Day - Official Gallery : Dec 20

Hold up a sec! Before you go on a visual stroll, I'd like to answer a few questions I have gotten about these posts. First, there is so much amazing talent contributing to The Sexiest Flickr group that narrowing down the field to twelve can be really tough. If you don't see that awesome work you turned in, I either simply missed it, or it is still to come. I go back many pages at times to see what's there. Second, and sort of goes with the first, I could post just about everything some of you contribute, but I want to use these galleries to promote as many as I can. That being the case, some awesome shots have to give way to great shots. Third, this is the Sexiest, and that carries a broad meaning to me. Yes, it is porn star centered and thus sex is a BIG deal, but if you read Serenity's words on the group Flickr you'll see what I try to go by.

Thanks for reading...*Removing the chain* ... enjoy your visit!


Drami by Dry69

Laura Demonista

Dokie and a really great partner

by Melina Jameson with Zuby Gloom

by Bunneh

Tempest Rosca

by Keely Mistwood with John McQueen

Anyka Aiseiri

by Kirsty Oherlihy

Ana by Kalehua64

Sparta by Anna Banana

Photos compiled by Domino Dupre

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