Saturday, January 17, 2015

Catching Up With: Laura Demonista

There is no one quite like, Laura Demonista Witty, skilled, talented and just a pleasure to know! Here's your chance to get to know a bit about her, in her words.

 "I love erotica. I love the mystery, the hint, the suggestion. I dont do "porn" because it doesn't have that mystery to me. I have nothing at all against porn but It tells its own story and I want people to tell THEIR story instead. I try to create a single frame to spark the imagination. I love doing what I do. Its the best thing to do in SL with your clothes off! Seriously!"

"I create my own poses, I build my own sets. I LOVE black and white imagery. It adds so much power to the picture. I am my own model because I am so incredibly vain....and because its much easier to work alone. I can take a long long long time over a picture. I could be wrong but I think almost anyone else, stood there, waiting, would be bored senseless."

"And I LOVE what I do!"

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