Saturday, January 24, 2015

Catching Up With : Louise Kristan-Faulds


Continuing a long tradition of putting some of our In World group members or Flickr Group Up Loaders in the spotlight and in more focus. With a look at the recent photography of Louise Kristan-Faulds.

Of course I'm biased! I'm also very confident though that the pictures themselves do all the talking too. Louise has always produced some lovely work and it's been a pleasure seeing her photography evolve and keep on moving along with her trademark style, and erotic creative imagination.

Mixing wonderfully captured moments in world with experimental and innovative Photoshop editing. Louise's constant challenge to herself to create something 'outside the box' or new, means you never know quite what to expect when visiting her Flickr. It also equals wonderfully erotic and artistic entertainment while there.

It's approaching five years now since i posed for Louise in my first ever in world photo shoot. I was grateful, excited, and wowed back then, just as i am posing for her today.

I hope you enjoy this selection and head on over to follow and explore Louise's work further right here.

Come into my parlour

Tennis Classic
Acme Nudity Glasses!
Cooling Off
Thoughts Of Loved Ones
Take Me
Relaxed and Ready
The Sitting
Life With Mistress
Bikini Girls

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