Saturday, January 10, 2015

Love Hurts

Shackles and chains, leather on flesh, ties that bind and a little pain with your pleasure. That delicious feeling of being overpowered and out of control ... mmmmm. Here's a gallery with a bit of that and a few things different.

Keely Mistwood with Copernico Ferraris

Brooke Portilo with Purple Eye

by Nieleav Kowalski
well, looks like someone is going to get hurt :)

by Melina Jameson with Tasaneesi

by Ryu Quasimodo with Moonie

Anthea Warrhol

by Elbereth Exonar

by Leannan Wolfgang with James Wolfgang x2

by Raelin Jestyr
sure looks like it hurts

by Erika Thorkveld with Jay Jay Moyet and that guy back there

by Melina Jameson with Mandylovsyou

Janey Placebo

by Melina Aurotharius with Agamemnojokasei Zifer (seriously)

by Smoking Diesel

by Raelin Jestyr

Isabella Frasao

by Anna Angela

by Cindy Starostin with Graham Collinson and DarkAngel69

Photos compiled by Domino Dupre

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