Friday, January 30, 2015

Places to Play: Bridle Thorn

If the bondage/domination scene is your kink, there are a lot of places you can drop in on for some quick, down and dirty, fun. But if you like your action wrapped with a bit more detail and role play, that isn't so easy to find. So if that is what you are looking for, the newly opened Bridle Thorn just might fit your style.

Detailed role play aside, and we'll get back to that in a bit, Bridle Thorn is pretty darn nice on the eyes, with a score of places for you to snap pictures. Throw in some hot animations scattered throughout the sim, and you've got plenty of photo ops, both naughty and nice.

While Bridle Thorn is completed, the Grand Opening goes down Jan. 30. Here's the notice.

Bridle Thorn is happy to announce their Grand Opening  at 3:00 PM SLT, kicking off with Clyde Barrow as our live singer! This will be a come as you are event and will be open to the General Public, with DJs following after his performance. 

Come take a look around at this beautiful sim and explore the various places including its well known caverns as well as its beautiful gardens and Mansion. 

We are an advanced immersive BDSM D/s role play sim that will be open to the public for this event. We encourage all to explore and take a look around. 

Quinn Ying, at the entrance to Bridle Thorn

Now, just what the heck is going on at this place. Here's what I heard.

Nestled on a small island in the Mediterranean, somewhere between Greece and Turkey, Bridle Thorn seems an ideal retreat, a simple resort destination for gentlemen, business men, trust fund brats, landed nobility and the odd upper echelon criminal or two.

A place that will never advertise in travel magazines, or offer two for one specials. Indeed the existence of the place is only passed by word of mouth, secret whispers in board rooms. After all it isn't the idyllic setting or the five star cuisine that keeps membership at a premium.
It's the servants.

Partee, at the Pony Girl training area

Usually young, college-age women women enticed by the prospect of a hefty bank account at the end of their 'employment contract,' women who will do just about anything a member wishes them to. And, if they don't, well a very special non-compliance clause in the contract means he has every right to punish them or turn them over to the resort staff for 'special training' all within the limits she's set in her employee file, of course.

For most men that's more than enough, willing nubile sluts serving their every whim, and yet, some of the older members whisper about other rumors, darker rumors. Some of the older members murmur about lifetime servants. Women who have signed their lives over to the club, for better or for worse. Ask any staff member you're sure to get a line about how they were saved from lives of prostitution, crime, and addiction. Or how the club's "slaves" are only truly happy and fulfilled on their knees, serving the members of the club.

Lillith Kelberry, at the Mansion

If you happen to listen at the right doors one may hear other stories, however; stories of kidnappings, black market sales. Stories of torture, blackmail, humiliation and more. It seems this elegant vacation destination hides a very dark underbelly indeed.


  1. Nice work on a great article, congrats on the post, and to all the models too. :)

  2. Thank you so much, and thanks for letting me run it here :)