Thursday, January 15, 2015

~Pornstars New Comers~

Its the new and i still see a lot of new faces and many IM's lately so I better get going on doing wise that is... well. um yeah... photos...;)

First up is a sexy lady i just met.. she is very nice and experienced in front of the camera...and has popped in a few group chats.. welcome Alejandra ( alejandra.bilasimo) . Here are some photos i took of her at my Lounge...

Next up i have some hot picks i took recently with another new member to the group... His name is Cordell Curtiss... i have used him in a VIE shoot and a shoot of my own meant for Studs Group.. so welcome this tall dark and handsome....
( yeah i just had to be in the photos with him... couldn't resist)

There ya go .. two down.. who is next?? IM me..or better yet send a notecard with your name and time frame you are on... to Eva Brusnwick

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