Monday, January 5, 2015

The Pornstars Rack: New Year Magazines!

Back at work already? Do you have still a few very precious days of vacation to enjoy? Well, the world of porn never really stops going: for instance, here you have your new edition of

BUSTed Magazine

BUSTed January Edition

As always, a lot going on in Busted, magazine dedicated to, well, all things busty. Which means, that you'll find great styling tips, with the parting article from Busted Fashion Editor Tara Asamoah, and reviews about the latest mesh bodies on the market. And of course, curvy models!

This really seems destined to end with a big white spurt. Oh, look! There is also a champagne bottle!

You will find photoshoots by Spirit Eleonara (hers the jaw-dropping cover), Bewitched Difference, Kei Frequency, Rachel herself spending great efforts in her own magazine, and Leannan Wolfgang shooting another past Sexiest Awards nominee in Sugar Vegas. The contributions to this erotic magazine by 'pornstars' are as always abundant, with all the models being shot by photographers from our scene, and even a very informative interview by the resident Busted astrologer Be to the owner of the SL Porn blog and group that you all know: Miss Emily ! But that's not all, because...

Don't worry, Sugar quickly forgets the cold and snow during the photoshoot...

....because, the Calendar is out as well. And it's definitely worth checking. Just to cite a few models, in scrambled order: Jadelyn McAuley, Leannan Wolfgang, Emmins, Tatiana Easterwood, Acey, Marika Blaisdale. Check out who's in it and "when", by yourself! Different styles but a very distinct "calendar" feel to all these beautiful shoots which hopefully we will get to cover on the blog as they are gradually released. But you can see them all now in world!

Now hang on a minute, Carla... 

Well, you know what I am gonna say: go get Busted! Actually, go get Busted AND the Busted Calendar! You can easily get a copy of both from the notice history of the in-world group and the Pornstars group. Drop by their HQ, here if you wish, you'll always get ideas for your boob experience.

Please feel free to toss a copy of your magazine my way, if you think its content is relevant to our blog readers. I'll cover it on the blog for you! Thanks!

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