Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Sexiest® Of The Day - Official Gallery : Jan 28

Yes, it is Humpday, so why isn't everyone getting it on in these shots? Have no fear, you'll get your wall to wall bump and grind, but I wanted to take time to race back and snag these before they vanished into the back of the pages. So enjoy as Autumn does summer, Nakuru does Dokie (and who hasn't?), Melina plays Army with River, Cream plays with herself and Migan tries to figure out what the hell is playing with him. Cindy, you really should pay your electric bill.

Melina Jameson with River Oryl

Dokie with Nakuru Bergamasco

Zuby Gloom with Kei Frequency

by Migan Forder

Autumn Marsh

by Sweet Mels

by Skip Staheli

from Dream Edition

by Ana Luisa Mateos

Cindy Starostin

by Jill Black

Sirenity Soon by Lelu Anatine

Cream Release by Zuby Gloom


Photos compiled by Domino Dupre

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