Thursday, February 19, 2015

'Crystals Facets' by Ravi

I was preparing a movie coverage post, when I stumbled into something I overlooked. But let's not talk about my tax forms now. I am here to talk about...

 A debut! Movie virgin ( bear with me, you know what I mean) Ravi aka RavaRedfield Resident stars and directs in this production. Ohhh a wordplay with no direct sex reference? You already can guess it's something special!

This movie was a real surprise! Not just because I didn't know anything about it despite a person very close to me being in it ( *ahem!* We'll settle the score at home...), but mostly because it's a reasonably ambitious production! Tallying over 20 minutes, it's a movie that certainly took a lot of effort, opening with very nice stylistic choices taken from classics of cinematography, like the delayed credits and the first person perspective. It stars very hot names on the scene, starting with Ravi herself!

I appreciated the movie's sense for pacing and the soundtrack: from the opening scene, the movie continues through a variety of settings, with very nice transitions, putting Ravi/Crystal in a series of hot predicaments and even daring stunts such as driving a fast boat, hugging people tryin to get a perfect alignement, dancing at a seedy club dedicated to a notorious Mob boss and performing oral sex on Larry Vinaver's huge porridge cannon.

 I love debuts, and as you can see from the little, non-invasive free FRAPS logo on top, the tools to make movies are there up for grabs: I am sure you can do something you can be proud of as well, if you have sufficient hardware and put enough effort in it. In Ravi's words:

Hello everybody. It takes more then one month to make this movie happen. Now it is done and I want to share it with you all. My special thanks to the actors and the supporters which make it significant easier to me. Here it is: 

I hope you enjoy it.


We certainly did. Oh no, I am starting to speak in 1st personal plural. I'd better wrap this up quick. Stay tuned for more movies soon!

Watch the movie after the jump! 

But first, if you are a filmaker, REMEMBER that your movie can and will be featured on this blog if you send us a link, a brief synopsis and a couple screenshots. Oh no, I am talking plural again. 

Thanks, and now, movie time! 

Crystals Facets powered by XTube

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