Thursday, February 5, 2015

Hello! Pornstars! : Party Pics from Club Vixen

Party pics time! Check out these shots from the first Official Pornstars Party at Club Vixen. These bashes will be going down every Tuesday from 10 am-12 pm sl, so make plans to drop by for the earliest start time smexy gathering of the week, presented by the likes of Rachel Swallowes Creation, Ravnous Fashions, Erotipose and Pink Sugah with Leannan Wolfgang cranking out the ear candy.

Leannan - Come party in our elegant little nightclub in the city.  Rub elbows with some of your fave daytime pornstars and photographers while hearing some of your favorite rock from the past and present.  Sexual trivia is bound to happen with me around, so bring your coffee and your brain!

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