Thursday, February 5, 2015

Omer Smithson's Magix Dance

Magix Dance

As The Sexiest® Awards draw closer to the big show time, I find only fitting to put the spotlight on some of the recent movies that came out recently and that I hope you checked out if you are a member of the Sexiest Pornstars ® inworld group. And in those movies, not by coincidence, you will see a recurring name, the one of ...

Yes, her !

What can I say? A staple of the adult movie scene from virtually its inception, Quinn has a very distinctive style she evolves to perfection, and is a true pornstar to boot.

She also is fantastic at helping a director promote their video. In fact, I am keeping the narrative here very short because you really should check out on her blog the post about this movie. It includes links to 2 big galleries with her own behind

I was not finished. Behind the scene, I meant, and screenshots, including the ones I am posting now and I take no credits for. Ok maybe one or two. 

I like to watch closely and keep busy.

Of course, as important as the female lead is, major credit goes to mr. Omer, the director of the flick, who brings visuals that will make your jaw drop and possibly other bodyparts rise up. Solid work, fantastic action, no expense spared in the production values (although most of it went in hair products and damage dealt to furniture by the sharp edges of Quinn's nails , shoes and nipples). You can find his filmed work here and his photo work on Flickr.

A couple of 'production' shoots from Quinn as well! She has been in more movies this week, but for now, I am sure you'll have your hands full watching this. More filmed sexiness coming soon. Enjoy!

Watch the movie after the jump! 

But first, if you are a filmaker, REMEMBER that your movie can and will be featured on this blog if you send us a link, a brief synopsis and a couple screenshots. Or just hire Quinn and watch her make a ton of promo material for you. No, I am kidding!

Thanks, and now, movie time! 

(if you go for the NM version, hit 'HD' to appreciate it fully !)

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