Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Pornstars Rack: February Magazines

The shortest month of the year has arrived, but you know that size does not matter, right? Well, ok, your chest's circumference kinda does, after all we are talking about...

BUSTed Magazine

Busted Feb 2015 starring Ivori Faith

It's always a pleasure to see one of the most recognizable (even with her ever-changing looks) pornstars on the scene making the cover of a magazine in all her glorious femininity. Marking her first appearance this month (she had January already covered, as you know, and in a tiny bit you'll see featured on this blog more of her and her not so tiny bit), we have the sexy Ivori Faith!

The gorgeous Jessica (Evalust) in a VERY inspired photoshoot by Be.

As Rachel points out in her editorial, Busted is not about photographers' ego, but about the readers. Of course. But you can't help but be proud of that all-pornstars lineup of artists, making fellow pornstars (like the lovely Vierithra , the horoscope model Leanna Mai, and more!) shine as models with photoshoots provided by , Be, Domino, Spirit, and of course...

Rachel covers 4 models and the fashion section in this issue! Vierithra is not covering much, and Crow is thankful.

...Rachel herself! A great source of interest and strong point of Busted has always been the fact that it provides a great deal of 'lifestyle' and fashion advice for the enhanced curves community. With the previous fashion editor stepping down due to her RL committments ( I can sympathize), Rachel revamped the section, and has quite amazing guest models in her 'Second Style' feature, with truly gorgeous women who make clothes you surely heard of!

A very Spirit photoshoot of the sensuous Lara Sands.  

And as for the lifestyle, you get as always the thought-provoking Pink Point by Ayara, and valuable tips about interesting locations, from the roving reporter Be, guided by the stars to the Kink Zone,  and by the wonderful Spirit, who with a few guests brings you Retro, not quite like in the pic above, just a bit less back in time, to the 50s...to Retroville. Oh is it URL time? Well, then! I have news, such as the changed location of the Busted HQ, closer home to momma Rachel! But the message stays the same: Go get Busted! Whichever way you like!

Please, if you have (or are part of) a magazine and you think its content is relevant to our blog readers, be my Valentine and send it to me with a box of chocolates. I'll cover it on the blog for you! And to be honest, the chocolate is optional, the magazine not ! Thanks!

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