Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Pornstars' Rack: more February Magazines

Did you have fun during the weekend? Any exciting sports event? Why do I ask? Isn't this the bit about the pr0n magz? Well yes, but... aw, come on, let's just talk about

Aroused! Magazine

Aroused! Magazine Issue 19

As you know, Aroused! is all about bringing you every other Friday hot, sexy and why not, x-rated photography, and doesn't normally run themes through issues. But THIS issue...! ...well,it makes no difference, BUT it happens to feature 2 absolutely stunning photoshoots taking place in the world of 'The Noble Art'.

Full contact action this week on Aroused! I do have a 'down for the count' joke too, but for another photo of this set.

Every time I look at a new issue of Aroused, I can't help but admire the great effort spent to put together quality content from the diverse pool of staff artists, and spotlight sexy models thanks to Marika's own work. Both an artist and a total bombshell of a model is the lady on the cover, Cindy! All of you know her from her consistently great work on flickr and on the magazine, and you will get to know more thanks to the interview inside. From the talented photographers, besides the aforementioned Kat Kassner with her shoot featuring herself , Roxxxy Foxdale and Laredo Lowtide, you will find kinkiness by Sandra Palletier's closet (where she keeps Anais waiting to do all those twisted things to her) and night views from Dakota Faith, with herself and Dra. Closing the issue, the smoking hot (and hot smoking) Akasha in the spotlight is a truly majestic sight.

Fresh, but not so cold to induce shrinkage.

The next issue is going to be the 20th. Because this one is the 19th. I know, I am all about groundbreaking news. No, you see, there is a point to this: it's going to be the 20th, and for this, uh, bi-decaversary? Doubledecade? Twin set of tens? ....this 20th issue, there are a couple of exciting projects brewing, soon to be announced ! For a start, there is an open challenge for anyone who wants to be on the cover of the next issue! Just read it all on Aroused. How?

A hot and sweaty Margarita after a good workout! No, for real! 

Simple! By getting a copy of Aroused! in world free through a kiosk. By getting it, still for free, on markeplace !  Or , by reading it online, on the Aroused Magazine website! Enjoy, and see you very soon!

Please feel free anytime to send me a copy of a magazine featuring SL pornstars, if you think its content is relevant to our blog readers. I'll cover it on the blog for you! Thanks!

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