Saturday, February 21, 2015

Wanna Flick? - A look at some videos in February

In a world where the perfect Valentine movie is 50 Shades of Grey (it is indeed perfect for a laugh), here's a view at a few movies shown in The Sexiest Pornstars group. So, sit down, relax, maybe put your anal beads on (I mean in) if you are into that (you are doing it wrong, it should be the other way around), and enjoy a little porn SL style!

First off, one movie from a regular of the scene in Morph Wyx.

Starring Pandora (Starcrossesflowers) and the holder of the titular dark thick shaft, Dackster, this is yet another slice of life from a SL club. It's definitely uplifting and it has a happy ending. Well, it is all about, a happy ending.

After the poledancer, here you have a movie featuring another very popular line of work in SL: the maid. And a naughty one at that! Oh la la! Director Rene31 Aeon presents "The naughty maid" Featuring Onisa & Larry Vinaver.

Onisa looks fabulous as the French maid in this flick. She doesn't speak French, but I just assume she is, because traditionally all the naughty maids are French and she handles with ease the award-winning baguette of her co-star, the always dependable Larry Vinaver, yet again pumping life into a "Rich Guy" character with his charismatic presence. And of course pumping into Onisa with....well, you know.

And lastly, for now at least, it's the perfect season for...

Of course! Parthenea plays yet another professional who has a lot of fun on the work place, apparently, since the movie begins in one of those "Massage" tents that inevitably cause guys to come up with a tent of their own in their shorts.  But as the title says, "Fun at the beach" is about the two protagonists having a wild and highly entertaining time by the sea.

 Directed by Chloe Trinity (ChloeSilverPhoenix) for Scorpian Productions, this all-action xxx video showcases beloved porn starlet Partee in all her naughty curves, with a relentless Caelus (Nymale69) definitely holding his own (especially when he is about to jizz all over Partee). Very exciting display, so there you have more shots, before my little message, before the jump, before the movies (finally, damn it!)!

Watch the movies after the jump! 

But first, if you are a filmaker, REMEMBER that your movie can and WILL be featured on this blog if you send us a link, a brief synopsis and a couple screenshots. Especially if they involve Parthenea's ass. I keep staring at it.

Thanks, and now, movie time! 

(if the movie is on Naughty Machinima, do yourself a favour and hit 'HD', or it's like watching the ZX Spectrum version)

Fun at the Beach powered by XTube

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