Friday, April 17, 2015

'Dillon's Hookers' by Charlie. No wait, it was the other way around...

"Once upon time, there was a French dude who started doing porn.
And he was assigned very hazardous duties.
He could take away an award from all that, or two.
But now, he works for me. My name is Charlie."

Well, ok, I am not Charlie (except if you say it in French), but I just loved that old time series this movie obviously spoofs, echoing the intro seems just natural. And I have to agree with Dillon's comment on the xtube page, Meg is undoubtably the coolest Charlie ever seen on screen. If Dillon ever does a porn version of Magnum PI, I reccomend her for the Robin Masters role. Anyway...

...even if you are not a nostalgic of series from a few decades ago, there is nothing quite 'retro' about Dillon's film style. Dillon once more in here manages to perform a fine work of editing, picking very strong songs that fit the theme well: thanks to his montage, his breezy camerawork really flows superbly and tells a funny story.

He also picks his angles really well!

You can spot above well known faces names of the SL porn scene, and each star gets a good share of screen time: there is no Bosley role as far as I can tell, which means that everyone is dressed pleasantly and there is no character sporting fuddy duddy jackets.

I think I can even forgive Dillon being a hipster with his Ralph Lauren polo.

So, to cut my rambling short: I loved the movie, and love seeing so many people involved in it and collaborating to this project, with the lovely Partee as always putting to service her land and her expertise in set design. Starring Bewitched Difference, Rachel Avro-Sharple, Carly Mode, MissEmily, Meg Corral, M3 Jonson


and a seagull, the movie was shot in different locations, all listed in the credits.
Please continue making movies, being awesome, and for all the readers who haven't seen it yet, here you have it, after this little jump.

Want your movie to be covered here? Call me ! I hope to feature it and bring something interesting for people to read, and of course watch! Enjoy!

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