Thursday, April 23, 2015

Omer's 'Private Casting X' and more!

After the earlier post, more serials, and more Carla! This time she is not the driving force behind it, but the model, or should I say, the actress, in it.

Private Casting X

Altho she took the chance to provide also backstage photography, like the example above.

Anyway, what is it? Oh yes: filmaker Omer Smithson announced in group his latest project, and that is gonna follow a classic setup of our scene, and porn in general: 'auditions' !

"Private casting X
Carla Draésia

first episode of a long series

if you are interested in my work, maybe you would like a cast ???"

Would you?

You know how auditions go in porn, right? Well at least auditions in porn that is about auditions! ....I am confusing myself too, don't worry. Just have more pics. Everything will be fine.

And Carla appeared also in Omer's previous film effort...let's have a flashback here . To "Threesome in the shower" ! Which came out at the time of my previous post about Omer and his movies.

"My new video, staring Carla Draésia, Asari Dark Sun and Mr Omer !

hope people watch it, and say u, see u soon for new movie !

i need always actress & actor !"

I am thrilled to see Omer reaching out for more actors and actresses for his flicks: of course I have no insight to provide for this straight porn movie as far as plot goes, but I am very glad to see on the so called silver screen (not to mention the ceramic stage of this big shower) the delightful and sharply-fanged Asari Dark Sun, one who has perfected the bootiful look as you see plenty of times on her own flickr.

3some in the shower

3some in the shower

And Carla of course, who provided more backstage photos, that Omer told me to use as well for publicity material. (flickr set here , with her usual flair for TITLES and bodily fluids!)

I gladly comply , and look forward for more, also from anyone else interested in getting their movies properly featured here.
3some in the shower

3some in the shower

So go check Omer's movies, Carla and Asari (and Omer!) 's flickr too if you like, and enjoy your day and think about your next movie ideas!

Two videos after the jump! Hit HD on the Naughtymachinima player, to get better quality. And send me your stuff if you have been in anything I have not covered yet or have unused material i can delve into for a post!

Thanks, and now, enjoy ! 

Private casting X - Carla

3some in the shower

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