Thursday, April 9, 2015

Spotlight, and VOTE! "Bunny Vs Ash"!

OK, OK, it's hardly porn at all - even if there is some ass and boobies showing - but the creators of this ongoing series are Tasanee, Melina and Ashlynn Jameson, who are well known to us all. And they all did such an incredible work that we just had to tell you all about it!

So, yeah, enough naughtiness for today, it's time for serious matters! It's time for… (drum roll…):
Bunny Vs Ash!
As the sign says:
The rivalry between Bunny and Ashlynn Jameson has reached its boiling point. The time for diplomacy has come to an end. These two fierce combatants will enter the ring and only one will stand victorious. Will you decide who will become champion when Ashlynn and Bunny collide at........RUMBLE TUMBLE SLAM!!!!

At my right, the Bunny, who doesn't really seem to like Ashlynn very much:

At my left, Ashlynn, who doesn't seem to keep the Bunny in her heart either:

Darn… That does sound pretty serious… But how did we arrive at this extremity? Well, the Bunny is actually Tasanee's:
(Click on the pics to see the original ones on Tasa's, Melina's or Ash's Flickr. Be sure to read the story in the description!)
And him and Ash never really seemed to get along very well, to say the least…

They even succeeded to spoil Melina's New Year's photo!

So now is the time for war! The time to prepare for the final fight!

Everything will be decided on the ring, in just a few days from now!

Who will be the winner? Well, actually, it's for you to decide! (Mmmm… no, that wasn't emphasized enough, let me rephrase that:)
Actually, it's for YOU, yes, YOU! to decide!!

Come down at Tasanee's gallery and vote!

Will the lovely Ashlynn destroy the evil Bunny from Hell!? Will the cute and fluffy Bunny crush the nasty and naughty Ash!? That's for you to say!

(All photos taken at Tasanee's gallery. A huge thank you to the 3 crazy girls for their awesome work, and especially to Melina for inviting me over to vote!)

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