Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Pornstars' Rack - End of April

I know, a couple of day without magazine posts? You were wondering where did they go...

Aroused! Magazine

Aroused! Magazine Issue 24

Aroused! is here like every two weeks, and what can I say, it's friggin' hot. Maybe (maybe?) I am partial, but I am surely delighted to see the contribution this young publication has been delivering for a year now to the adult arts community.

Phoenix Rising !

The cover girl of this issue is Daxia Darkbyrd, an artist that is not active part of the 'porn scene', but someone who produces beautiful erotic art and I am very glad took interest in seeing her work featured on the Pornstars blog as well in the future. She is not an avid Flickrite like many on the scene, but she mantains a really hot blog I recently added to the blogroll on the right. Do take a look!

Ravi looking as always a true gem.

Oh yes, like often happens for Aroused! there are some sexy t-girls on the issue for sure: the gorgeous shemale photographer and model PhOeNiX SpArKzZz in her own set, and Marika photographs the aforementioned Daxia and someone who grew into being a true protagonist of our scene, Ravi, that you have seen already looking splendid as a model, and producing her own pics and movies as well.
A fair reflection of the immense amount of creativity the t-girls, futas, herms put on the scene, often with stunning results.

Fahye in a set all about beautiful girls and warm cups you'd love to hold and bring to your lips. Also, about coffee.

But the bread and butter of the magazine is again female beauty, with the truly gifted photographer of female beauty in Sasquatch Rhino and a tender coffee-inspired set by Zuby Gloom featuring Erin Cedarbridge, Iris Okiddo, Kammie Fhang and the gorgeous Fahye, who you can always see joining parties and I am happy to see properly photographed once in a while! Not to mention a return to the pages of the magazine for the wonderful magazine expert Spirit, who brings Living End cover models Delirium Sol and Frost Kit in a sexy light study.
Mack the III makes also an appearance in a photoshoot that might or might have not happened! (dr)Who knows!

So! Go get Aroused! An in-world copy through the Marketplace or kiosks (IM Marika to get one to rezz at your place, it's just a couple prims), or read the online version through its website. Now go on and peek! There's so much hot stuff for you to check out on its pages!

Are you in a SL Magazine? Well then, show me! Tell me something, so I can showcase it here!

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