Friday, April 24, 2015

Sexiest® Awards News!

 Hi all.

I'd like to put the records straight, as i know many believe i am an organizer of The Sexiest Awards or something to do with it. I'm not, i run The Pornstars Blog, and own the Pornstars Group. As the Awards are relevant to our group, i blogged coverage and news passed to me by the event organizers here.

I was head judge 2 years ago, but have zero involvement in organizing the event this time around. I told the organizers way back at the start of this process i could not be part of it. I know nothing about what's happening, or when the awards may actually happen. I'm sorry but i can't help anybody asking where their invites are etc, I'm as much in the dark as all of you. If i get passed info i will blog it, and send notices to my Pornstars group members.

Eva has more involvement in the awards as head judge, but it appears she does not know anything either, as she's also not directly involved in the planning of the event. Emmanuelle Jameson seems to be away in RL unfortunately, so none of us going directly to the source is able to get any type of up to date information.

Any of our Blog team will post here with any coverage they can. However none of us are linked to this event officially, and like me carry no blame for lack of information or news.

Thanks. I hope you all get some news soon.

Serenity Kristan-Faulds.

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