Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Sexiest® Of The Day - Totally Official Gallery : Apr 1

No no no... Excuse me, but while Domino is doing a good job here on The Sexiest® Blog, I think she is being a bit lazy, with barely a dozen of posts or two per week. Oh I know what we need. I'm going to check out personally my private paparazzi sources and bring you a fabulous, populous, scandalous (and a bit callous) Sexiest®  Gallery!

I was incredulous at first seeing Sandra Palletier on her knees (!), then I realized it was an act of self-love! Something didn't seem quite right also with what was happening to Cindy and the wallet she had a hard time reaching, or what was going on at home for Melina and Ashlynn, the Jamesons (wait for the gif to load!).
But then the fog was lifted, my vision cleared, and it was obvious: only the finest and darn Sexiest® avatars here, for your viewing pleasure, including some unknown but totally awesome bits from really cool series. Just follow me, and enjoy the day!

Miss Sandra Palletier with Freyja Wylder (celebrating the 10'000'000 views? )

 By Cindy Frindy and Fritz Fritz - featuring a wallet on a string and Groucho Marx

Melina Jameson ,  with Ashlynn Jameson , and SourceOfPotassium Jameson

Two by Dakota Faith (also avalaible fun-sized)

Marika Blaisdale pursuing a drastic career move

Noobdiddy and his Notties

A glimps at the life of ponygirls in SL, from Zuby Gloom (featuring Nakuru Bergamasco)

(for the ladies, a closeup of Nak's penis too)

Junah and Foffie Katzenberg, by Junah

And as part of recurring series, we have....

 Whims continuing her DragonFae saga with 'Fairy Fucks - Earning her wings'

Sasquatch Rhino in his Shower series' latest : Finish Her 

Yukii Kawanishi in 'Tryouts for my Foot Fetish series: Rejected!'

From a series of my youth.... Leo, Raph, Mike, Don and that rat that used to dress like Hugh Hefner, featuring and by Krystal Steal as April O'Neil

and finally, from her acclaimed series...

"Is Dolly Sexy Enough For You ? - for someone obviously she was!" by Tatiana Easterwood .

Mmmm!! What a way to start the day and the month! Have a good morning!

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