Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Sexiest® Photo's Of The Day - Official Gallery : April 14

Why are there two Sexiest Galleries now and what is the difference?

Since I have been asked a variation on this a few times now I figured I'd answer here for anyone else wondering. A week or so ago, Moonie let it be known that she didn't feel I was doing an adequate job of covering the in world group in the galleries. To her credit, she didn't just point out what she saw as a problem, she stepped up to help fix it. Thus, two Sexiest galleries that, in theory, will allow for more people to appear on the blog and provide a chance for their work to be seen. Works for me!

Second, the difference. In an attempt to help prevent double posting pictures, Moonie has priority on the in world group's work. I'll be focusing on the rest. That is a gray line at best though, and as you can see in today's post, there are exceptions, which I can't get into because I wing it, lol.

Hope that clears things up, and now on to the show.

Photos compiled by Domino Dupre


  1. Domino, you do an amazing job of filling the blog each day with eye candy, and high class, quality erotica from our Sexiest Flickr group. Pornstars from the in world group publish there, as well as long time or new members of the Sexiest group on the Flickr photo scene. So any pics are 'fair game' for 'The Sexiest® Photo's Of The Day - Official Gallery'.

    When i rebooted the SL Pornstars Group, i chose the name 'The Sexiest Pornstars', to reflect the flickr scene uploaders and the long time Pornstars element too, to make either feel welcome in the SL group and also here on the blog.

    Sexiest Pornstars galleries are primarily personality driven, a snapshot of who is active on the porn scene right now, with some hot, quality pics too into the bargain. The long running 'The Sexiest® Photo's Of The Day' feature will always be special erotic works of art from anybody showing their sexy skills in our Flickr group, in world members or not.

    I hope you both keep on delivering and entertaining us, and our readers will surely forgive the odd double appearance which rightly catches Moonie's and Domino's eyes, it will be for The Sexiest® of reasons after all!

  2. This isn't a new concept. It has been two separate entities(sexiest in general, and sexiest "pornstar") since I have known about the blog. There have been a few attempts over the past little bit to keep more of a ps group post going as well...with Moonie now taking the reigns in assisting. Keep on keepin on ladies.