Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Wanna flick? - AlexCuck's latest

Hot new videos keep coming. The flavour of the day? Certainly this double salvo by pornstar Alexcuck.

These 2 videos share common traits, of course: a voyeur/cuck scenario, hot buxomy blonde, and a well endowed gentleman of colour. What else do they have in common?

 Well, they are both incredibly hot! Alex really knows how to handle a camera well, and the action is terrific. Dynamic, with fluid camerawork, high quality filming for some truly pornographic endeavours!

BBC News has of course a lighter tone. The pun is so effective it got me laugh really hard. Of course it's BBC news, when you look at it!

"Oh....B....B....C... I get it now"

Sarah Olsen gets to star in this one, and while a puny sidekick and a really uncommonly well endowed person (a superman, if you will) and journalism are involved, they tell me there is no relation with Jimmy.

The other video as the title makes you believe....is exactly that.

We already covered on these pages the very exciting Janna Sugarbeet, and here she is involved in one of the most classic porn scenario that involves sanitation but no plumbers: the glory hole!

And indeed Janna looks glorious in this. 

 There is nothing i could possibly add to what you already see and can see on screen, so simple enough: just go to Alex's blog and watch the movies! Also embedded here, after the jump.

Videos after the jump! Let me know if you worked on a porn production of any kind, I'd love to give it proper exposure here!

Thanks, and now, grab your d*ck and double click, for porn porn porn ! 

Oooorrrr....not. Because Youtube has removed them. Try and not host material in there if possible, and use instead Xtube.com , Pornhub, Naughtymachinima. You'll never know when someone with... a negative mindset (I won't use expletives, add your own) will report your video, even if not listed and meant only for adult websites.

UPDATE: Back in action. Yay!

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