Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Wanna Flick? Carly is 'Pleased'

Ah the first time. So memorable, so exciting. Even a little awkward at times, not everything goes smoothly, but the enthusiasm compensates for it, and it's a memory that will stay with you forever.

But now, let's talk about movies!

This is Carly Mode's debut as a moviemaker. I hope it's not her last time behind the camera, because she is a natural at it. After seeing her a bunch of times these days in movies, I was already very curious to have a chat with her, but the perfect time for me to stalk, err, to approach her was exactly this first time directorial effort.

It was a delight to grab her attention for this short Q&A with her, and I hope you will enjoy reading what she has to say. To help your enjoyment, just imagine her in bed doing what she does in the movie as she speaks.
Not saying that I was or anything. Err.

- We've been seeing you in movies lately as an actress. Tell us a bit about your experience so far in movies and what made you decide now to try and be a director yourself?

- "Well I've been lucky enough to work with wonderful producers so far, who have made my experience as an actress really great. I always have so much fun on set and get to meet super fun people and make new friends.
I'm so lucky to have 2 really good friends who are producers and whom encouraged me to try it and they helped me SO MUCH during filming and editing. Without them I would have given up after a couple hours. lol"

- I am interested in one subject in particular: you are a debutante director, and I wonder if you can single out any special difficulty you had during filming. Was there any part that you found difficult and frustrating and eventually you overcame? Also if you like, what was the trickiest part to do for you? Shooting, editing, postproduction?

- "Actually, I don't think I'm a debutante... I'm more of a pre-debutante, I've only made one lil' movie starring just me, so I'm not sure it counts as much, lol.
Filming was definitely the hardest part for me. In fact the opening scene was what made me want to give up. That is where my wonderful friends told me that I needed to stop obsessing (something I do too much) and realise that I couldn't expect to succeed at shooting a complex camera shot on my first movie. So i took a step back, re-evaluated and I'm glad I did because i like how that scene turned out in the end."

- So all in all, I think you enjoyed the experience and want to do it again, hm? What did you enjoy more about shooting this video yourself, and do you have already an idea for the next project? or one 'dream' movie you'd like to make eventually?

- "I definetely wanna do it again. I'm not sure what I liked most about it, probably how it felt when I was finally finished the whole editing. I have some ideas, but since I'm still a super novice i think I should stick with simple ideas for now, which usualy aren't my forte. I've had my dream idea for a while already, but the story is still unclear so I'm still thinking on it. But I will definitely try to do a gangbang scene at some point cause I've been curious about them for so long. haha... But my brain is constantly spinning so who knows what I'll do and when."

- Do you have any advice in particular for any newcomer or, uhm,'super novice' like you who would like to try making videos? As a director, but also if you like as an actress.

 - "My main advice for everything in sl is to have fun. If you are not having fun, then it's not worth doing. So if you see me as an actress or watch a movie I made, then be assured that I had fun doing it, and hope you all have fun watching me. Hehe it's all about the FUN !
I know a lot of people "work" in sl.. but I work in RL. SL for me has to be fun. I thrive on making people happy and seeing them smile. Which contributed to me being so silly and random. And I love it!"

This is the point when we started just chatting away at a lot of other subjects, including some bits about her appearance and look you will certainly get to enjoy in the future. And how pleased she was to even have her own tag on the blog. She's the second individual to tell me that!
Anyway, you got Carly's message, I hope. Her advice is perhaps the most important one you can ever get! We often lose track of the ever important ultimate purpose, to just-have-fun with what we do!

Which doesn't mean at all to not care about what we do , of course, because as you can see from Carly's clip, she put a lot of attention in this video. Smart of her to start with a project not too ambitious in scope, but she put it together admirably. She obviously learned a lot from her 'mentors' Dillon and Meg (the whole movie has a distinct 'dillonesque' (or simply cinematic, one would say) vibe in stylistic choices like the window dolly-in, and the very nice camerawork in general.
And the Elysion sim provides as always a great scenery for any type of shoot.

Anyway I won't go on and on about the "remember to have fun!" thing, because I don't want to risk stepping into "inspirational PSA voiceover" territory, but... please, just do. :-)

I have some ideas how, too!

 And now, watch the movie, after the JUMP! And when you do one or are in one and want it covered it here on the blog , just tell me! Because, guess what: I have fun doing this type of blogging and seeing what you were up to!


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