Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A Library Interrogation

I already featured a few times the work of the very active Isabelle Cheviot from Dog Star Productions, this time I am gonna do it from a sligthly different angle, tho.

The movie certainly has no shortage of good angles!

When last time around I covered 2 movies from her, they had in common the actor, Rob Roxley (HotRob Roxley). Rob was in another movie by Isabelle that went out roughly at the same time, but I didn't put that one on the post, because, as I imagined, it was Rob's favourite of the trio and one that, incidentally, allows me to show you quite a few sexy images - always with the limits of them being my awful screenshots, the images in motion are much better.

The plot of the movie, in short , is this:

"Rob has a long overdue book and sexy newcomer CrisaV will set him straight. :)"

I said it before...Pornstars are such rule breakers. In the porn world, you KNOW what sort of 'punishment' you are gonna get when you are being 'naaaawty', so there are really no incentives NOT to!

Anyway, I sat down (no I didn't...I sent him a notecard. I am naughty, I lied, spank me!) with Rob to talk about his experience on set. I am looking forward to do the same with more of you !

But now, on with the interview.

How did you get into starring in SL porn movies?

"First I heard about SL Porn through a LM called Sexy Life, where I saw a billboard with a picture of Priscila Balogh in a set with Alexandr Aho and the picture was so perfect I definitely wanted to participate in something like that. So I started doing a little research and participated in an Alexandr Aho movie ("Cage for  a fuck") and got to know other people involved in SL porn and haven't stopped since..."

Did you know your movie partner beforehand?

"I didn't, but it was a very pleasant surprise, as she was this amazingly beautiful, kind and outgoing girl. I had an amazing time working with her."

Tell us a bit about your experience on set.

"I had a blast filming. We took about 3 hours in this library set very well made by Isa. At first I wasn't sure if my co-star wanted to emote or interact. It was her first movie shoot so she wasn't quite sure what to expect from it and neither was I, so I decided to try a couple flirting emotes and all and she responded very well, so we continued and it was flowing so natural and so intense..."

"It was almost as if we had no one else with us in the room. Isa felt it too and the shoot probably took a little longer as we needed to balance between Isa's perfectionist shoots and also her breaks for a good well deserved orgasms. lol. It was hot!"

What would you say is the best part about being in a SL porn movie and do you find something in particular difficult to do? If you have any advice for someone who wants to be in a porn movie, share!

"I don't think there isn't anything difficult about SL Porn. Everyone is always so kind and willing to give you opportunities in movies and in photos and they all do great work in their own style. The advice I give is probably them same I've always heard, be patient, give it your best when you get opportunities, be nice to everyone and these opportunities will come, and have fun!"

Do you have any part (or sex position :p) in the movie that is your favourite?

"I love the blowjob scenes. They look amazing on the movie. "

Indeed they do!

"About sex positions... I'd say doggiestyle always gets me super excited. Luv a good big booty and tha back arched in front of me... *winks*. "

Hard to argue with that one. Thanks Rob for being so nice and chat about the movie with me.

What else can I add? First of all, CrisaV looks really beautiful and fitting the part, so once more thank you to Isabelle for featuring talent that is not often seen in movies.

This is a very good movie in Isabelle Cheviot's style: it is full of incredibly sexy poses that overall have a very good fit, she picks the angles in a truly cinematic way, it has inspired moments with depth of field - you will find more examples of it on her new lesbian movie release, btw, not to mention the movies of the past-, and it is in general a very sensual experience.

Now enough with my chin wag, and see you under the jump for the actual movie!

 This is the jump! Click below and watch the movie. Also, talk to me about your videos, I'd love if we could arrange something special for the post about *your* movie!

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