Thursday, May 28, 2015

A 'Wedding Gift' from Lamia

Drakaina Lamia (lamia69) is a personality we already featured many times in the past on the blog for her beautiful photography in her Lamia's Studio flickr account. Her look is very characteristic and memorable, surely attuned with her name.
We also mentioned her lately due to her joint victory with Katmee at the Flossify Gallery contest.

Oh, but while I keep talking, look at these screenshots.

So, as I was saying, last year she released a large number of rather spectacular video captures of her naughty escapades. They are so rich in mood thanks to her editing choices and her own vibrant style, and she loves to make the camera pan all over the place and film the action from every sexiest angle.

I already talked to her about a future feature for the blog looking back at some of those. You can check them out on her Naughty Machinima account and the wordpress site of her production company!

Meanwhile, she released a new video, called Wedding Gift, which is complemented now by a photoset.
The action in the video begins at a quite notorious establishment, and continues more...privately with the two main stars of both alongside Lamia.



I am posting a mix of both screenshots and proper Flickr photos, with the photos easily recognizable for the lack of the artistic grain introduced for the video. Otherwise, as usual, the video quality is better than what my grabs might show.


In Lamia's words from the notice:

"If you, like me, have a kink towards heels... and gorgeous bodies intertwined .... here is a link to the companion album to the latest video clip from my studio:"



Oh what are the odds, I have! Check out the video on Naughty Machinima, in HD of course, because Drakaina's videos are very good looking and you can tell the difference, and the set on her flickr !


What's left to say? Oh yes, enjoy the video, and stay tuned for more!

Videos after the jump! Hit me up in-world for ideas about new blog posts, I love to feature your work!

Wedding Gift

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