Sunday, May 3, 2015

Ash's 'Eyerotica'

Couldn't help but being excited receiving this picture, about Ash and her small opening!


...Ok, that kinda came out wrong.

What I meant is, I am a huge fan of the fantastic erotic art of airport manager, book smuggler, log lady, obscene madame and of course shoe pornographer extraordinaire Ashratum, and as you know, I love featuring news about exhibitions from our group members. This is her presentation of the exhibit.

"Any photographer who says he's not a voyeur is either stupid or a liar." 
- Helmut Newton


"The act of voyeurism fascinates me and certainly has a lot to do with my approach to Second Life erotic photography. I'm not good with posed photos of planned photo shoots, preferring the spontaneous pleasure of seeing, either through a lucky stolen glimpse of intimacy, or effectively taking part in the erotic flow of a scene."


"Voyeurs are often seen as male in cinema and photography, while females are frequently the observed subjects. My gendered and embodied point of view, a feminine point of view, is my small contribution for this “other side” of the power of looking. I hope that you will be a voyeur too and enjoy peeking at this selection of erotic images ... and don't forget to try the cameras placed in the gallery... they hide little intimate secrets."


"The exhibition is a mix of new and déjà vu (for flickr people) photos around the theme of voyeurism.

Hope to see you there... says the voyeur. :P"


This gallery exhibit is taking place at the Dathuil Art Gallery, following the steps of two other amazing artists very well known for their individual styles and also their own approach to nudity and erotica, Yannick  whose exhibition just ended, and Whiskey Monday which took place in March.

Then again, as Whiskey said in the blog post about it, "Max Butoh has built a gallery in an old distillery, so who better to open the place than a Whiskey?"

It is indeed only fitting.

This one is obviously by me. I just wanted to show a little peek of the exhibit!

I chatted a bit with the gallery curator Lucy (lucydiam0nd), who was very kind showing me around and telling me more about the place. As you can see from the gallery profile,

"Each month will feature an Artist and their work. 

Feel free to roam the large space, remnants of a Distilleries past still remain, and you might even be able to taste the aged whiskey in the air as you tour the magnificent collection. 

 Join the Group and keep apprised of the monthly shows and events."


This beautiful and quite moody installation takes place on the same sim of the wonderful Sable Club venue, and of course The Chamber, which needs no introduction and is an ever so popular place for photographers and lovers of eros in general.
Ash's art is really at home here , and I am already looking forward to the work of new artists being displayed here. But hey, I am getting WAY ahead of myself here. Check out first Ash's beautiful photos in there!

...and hey, if you are reading the post as I publish it, you can also join the party!

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