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'Brazilian Nut' by Isabelle Cheviot

Continuing my coverage of recently released movies, I have a few worth mentioning by Isabelle Cheviot, who continues her tireless work bringing hot scenarios to life. It's the case of this new 'Brazilian Nut'

Brazilian Nut

This is a very, very hot situation for sure. As the name and the opening sequence implies, this movie is set in a spicy, ribald night of Brazilian carnaval. The three characters tho, are well past the dances and the masks stage, and partake in their own night of celebrations, while in the room the street carousing is still audible, like an orgiastic beat through the sounds of their coupling.

"RL kept me from putting this film together as soon as quickly as I would have liked but I think it was worth the wait. Watch CrisaV, Rob Roxley and I in Brazilian Nut!

Enjoy - xoxo - Isa"

Brazilian Nut

Isa released hot hot hot photo stills of this movie, that I am posting mixed of course with my sub-par screenshots. Do join her flickr if you have one, or follow her blog, to be constantly updated (more timely than I can do with my posts here :p) about her next productions. Isa does short movies and longer ones. This one is not one of her longests, clocking in just about 20 mins, but wow, it's so packed with! IKR?

Brazilian Nut

Brazilian Nut

So now, as I show you a few more shots from the hot action in the movie, I also present you a little Q&A with the female protagonist alongside Isa. She already came up in the conversation I had with Rob Roxley about the movie that signaled her debut in the world of SL porn, and now here's her side of the story!

Enjoy a little meeting with CrisaV, and the movie, after the JUMP!


- How did your involvement in 'porn' start?

"First time I've heard about SL porn was months ago when a guy told me my avi is pretty, he told me he is doing some SL porn videos and he was wondering if i wanna try it out. He invited me into a group, we did chat sometimes but we never made a video... Then I bumped into Isa in a club and she told me the same stuff.
 Of course I was a lil' sceptic about it so I didnt really take it seriously until one day she asked me if i am available for sunday because she wanna do it and thats how we done the Library scene. Who knows ? I guess some other girls have kinkier stories:) "

- And so your debut movie 'happened'. Was it how you expected it, or what surprised you the most, if anything ?

" I didnt expect anything since I didnt know what would happen and how would it be done...I asked things about it from Isa... Like how should I behave... what should I do ... say or act. Since if i play with someone in SL i am used to "emote" but she said most of the times when she is taking these shots the partners involved rarely emote... they just talk about usuall stuff or not talk at all.

But for me getting in a pose with a guy is not interesting if there is no emotes involved... Luckily Rob did emote back ... So while Isa took the video we did really emote like we would really do it and not just switched poses and that made it very special to me."

- So for you being a porn actress is also being part of a fantasy, a scenario if you will? You like the interaction. Was it the same for this other movie, Brazilian Nut?

"Yeah you can say its part of a fantasy since its something I cant do in RL so I am glad I can try it out here in SL. Yeah it happened in the same way while we filmed the Brazilian Nut. We did emote during that one too. But it was a bit more spicy since Isa joined because she is a very nice girl and for me she is the only female friend i have in SL."

- This movie like Past Due has a great selection of sex scenes and poses, and a lot of the spice of it is also in the interaction on screen between you two pleasuring Rob. Wanna tell us something you found especially hot hot hot in it ? 

" Related to the poses I dont think its anything special about it. Nothing what did not happen getting naughty with other guys generally in SL. Maybe something special its the way Isa chooses the poses. But the most special thing doing Past Due was Rob... since he did most of the pose adjustments and during all this he had time to emote with me, and most specially he did it in a way not many guys are doing it in SL."

- Did you have to prepare anything in particular for the shoot ? was any outfit required in particular, is there anything you would tell a fellow actress to always bring to a shoot? 

" I was wondering about the same too. I've been asking Isa if there is a certain outfit she would like me to wear but she said "wear something sexy what you would like to wear anyway". Any other preparations were related to RL ... like making myself available and deal with some stuff not to be bothered while we were filming. But in general I didnt had to prepare for it."

- Last, I want to ask you, since you don't strike me as the one who just wants to appear in stuff to feel like 'a movie star', if you have more plans for your 'movie career' besides working with Isa and Rob, and if there is a dream scenario you'd like to bring to life in a movie (or a photo at least, if you want to pose for pics too)

" Well if other SL porn opportunities will show up I would like to get involved of course but I guess it will depend a lot on the partner mostly because if i take a look at the Videos we done with Rob I can say "yeah we really done it that way and we enjoyed it not just switching poses". What makes it ... lets say more "Real". I dont really have a dream scenario.

And about posing pics... I might do some this sunday since Rob asked me if I would be interested... as far as I know for two of us. Maybe he will post it somewhere... Dunno... Dont really care as long as it will be fun and look good :) "

- Very very interesting. Thank you. You have a very interesting approach, and it has been quite refreshing to interview someone like you !

And that was it.Now, pervs, the interview is over and it's just time to perv the movie!

Always feel free to talk to me about your videos, I'd love to make a post about YOUR movie soon!

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