Friday, May 15, 2015

Happy F..k Friday from Chloe!

I look at one movie and another, and magazines and exhibits, but there's still time for me to have a look at photosets.
Luckily, between the combined efforts of the regular bloggers Ali and Domino, photos already get the best possible coverage.
This blog post in particular has as focus a photoset by the lovely Chloe Cotton, a girl often featured since her comeback, and that you are not likely to forget if you had the pleasure of getting to know her. Her infectious enthusiasm though is not what I am highlighting. This photoshoot comes with two features I don't often see on the scene, and that I personally like a lot, and bring to the attention of newcomers who might want to try and break the mould.
First, it's a set with narrative, emoting if you will: it might not be everyone's cup of tea to include it in their own shoots, of course, but it's something different I truly enjoyed seeing, reminding me of her beautiful "Early Hours" photoset from nearly a year ago. And the opening photo of this post is from her new set "Fuck Friday", themed with a story as well, and a very special one.

Fuck friday ♥ 4

Second, it's a collaboration, or rather, both people involved took their own version of it, with of course another regular guest of these pages, Midnight Shinja. I love this sort of interaction between model and photographer, with the roles switching and becoming indistinguishable. So without further ado, here's a presentation of Chloe's hot set, "Cotton Candy" with merely little excerpts of her arousing words, and a selection of Midnight's photos from his own set, titled "The Naked Swamp". Enjoy them both, together with Chloe's newest, on Flickr!

Cotton Candy ♥ 1

His fingers enticed her soft folds, triggering her sweet thin nectar to coat them to the first knuckle. Midnight knew what he was doing... he knew from her hot breath she was his..

Cotton Candy ♥ 3

The blissful grimace on Midnights face said it all... Chloe's lips gloved his shaft with a warmth he loved..

Cotton Candy ♥ 5

Midnight wanted to share this foreplay pleasure so he demanded Chloe lay over him and offer her tight shaven pussy for his tongue to savour while she deep throated his aching cock...

Cotton Candy ♥ 6

...a push of those hips...jerking thrust and!

Cotton Candy ♥ 7

" this..might be a little uncomfy at first hun " he whispered " but just take it.." Chloe took a deep breath and let out a squeek as he lanced his cock with a paced forceful thrust in to its hilt.

Cotton Candy ♥ 8

Before long Chloe was soaking wet. A cocktail of her own thin arousal juices and Midnights pre-cum lubricated the passage of his thick girth.

Cotton Candy ♥ 10

Midnight couldn't believe how tight and good Chloe felt as he fucked her!. It was like perfect fit as he slide right in the pretty pink-loving beauty.

Cotton Candy ♥ 11

But... Chloe was way ahead of Midnight. She might be a bit dipsy and stereo type blonde bimbo but she knew one to work a stiff erect cock! she took a little charge and daringly pushed Midnight onto his back, display a sexy smirk on her teasing face.

Cotton Candy ♥ 12

Midnight needed release! He grabbed her narow waist and bolted upright as he let out a growl and roar and exploded deep in her. His hips shuddered and titched as his full balls unloaded the thick ropey sperm into this naughty tease.

Cotton Candy ♥ 13

After a lot of gasping, heavy breathing and orgasmic groans he carefully turned little Chloe around and lay her in his lap, grinning from ear to ear like a Cheshire cat at her very shocked and comical expression. [...] Thin dribbles of his warm cum trickled down her hips and belly, the overflow of his joy.

Cotton Candy ♥ 14

The rest of the summer afternoon they both lay on the sun-chair, dazed and in that after-sex glory as they talked and laughed about the fun they had. Chloe would fidget now and then as she endlessly leaked a puddle on the foam bedding, but Midnight barely noticed as he sprawled out like a victorious Lion King.

The Naked Swamp

The Naked Swamp

The Naked Swamp

The Naked Swamp

The Naked Swamp

The Naked Swamp

The Naked Swamp

The Naked Swamp

The Naked Swamp

The Naked Swamp

Why do you always censor "Fuck" in post titles, Kat? Dunno, ok? -.-

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