Friday, May 8, 2015

How Old Are The Pornstars!? #2

Pornstars took up yesterday's challenge ( See the post here. ) to go and look up their apparent avatar age on the 'How Old' App. There was some very realistic estimates ( like me being 22! ), and some eye brow raising ones also. With some well known Pornstars being told they looked 'Barely Legal' for their porn work! Thankfully the Pornstars are legal, Microsoft do say the App is a work in progress, and not always accurate, and probably not expected to have Pornstar Babes running through it either.

It's still a lot of fun though, and was great to see all the names below among the first to join in.

In order of appearance : River OrlyHarper Lexington, JunahLunedor Oryl, Bewitched DifferenceKorri PetermanAyara Illios, Erika Thorkveld, Zuby GloomJadelyn McAuleySandra PalletierUrmeli Ellissonsidam79 ZenovkaDrake Kaine-GaliciaMargarita BlancoBeth Macbain

More Pornstars Ages Tomorrow!!!

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