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Making out of with... Dokie

This is the generic intro when I say "Omfg we on the Pornstars blog love comic books in SL!". But we so do, and the quality of this new production by Criss Bliss Studios is just stellar. Which means...Dokie's at it again!

Redtail 1

To me , a new comic by Dokie is always one big little event, as I make no mystery about it, she puts all those things I love in a production: attention to detail, originality, creativity, humour and a world of naughtiness. Also, redheads!
So, I say it now, you gotta check this comic out if you haven't yet. It's a full story, and simply scrolling down the post at the Obsession Studios blog, you'll have a very distinct idea of how much work and dedication this took to make. First, in Dokie's words...

 Redtail (21)

"This is a story that I was hoping to release sometime back in February, for Black History Month in the US, but I seriously underestimated the amount of time I needed to finish it. 
But hey, it's done now, so no complaints. 
I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed creating it. 

If you like my work, donations are always accepted. It costs a lot to produce these things, both in time and money. Please feel free to leave comments on the previews shots posted on my Flickr page: 
Thanks again Dominic Dawes for letting me post this on your blog. "

Redtail (42)

So, as often happens with classics of Dokie's production and SL porn in general like Paid in Full and Jackin'Frosty, I am not gonna spoil the plot for it, and let you actually read it in her very pleasant style and writing on the comic. BUT, I still give you some stuff to read between these mouth watering preview shots, as I sat down with Dokie (i didn't, just play along...) and asked her to talk about her awesome comic. She shared with me also a couple photos as they were before the whole process, too!

- So, you originally planned to release this for Black History Month! Gonna obviously ask you what happened, but first of all, I am curious , how did the idea for this shoot come up to begin with? Was it as as we see it now or something changed along the way?

"Well, I first had the idea in mid-January, and BHM was February. I should have known it would take longer than a single month to produce this, but silly me, I had an idea and ran with it. The idea happened after watching a movie about the Redtails with my boyfriend, and then become solidified once I realized that I already had some of the props and wardrobe to make it work."

Photo before the comic 'treatment'

"As far as changing along the way, yes, that happened a few times, but only minor adjustments were needed in the plotline or dialogue. Otherwise, the story is pretty much how I initially envisioned it."

- Tell us something more about what did it take to organize the shooting part of the comic. I see external locations and the indoors part Did you create all of it, Dokie-style, or some of it was pre-existant, you got any help, etc?

"The entire set was built on a sky platform at Seddy's place. A few of the planes were donated by others, but all the other props were just stuff I already had in my inventory. So both the scenes inside and outside the hangar were all part of the same set."

Final version as it appears in the comic 

- Did the shoot take place in chronological order, more or less?
Also, did you take breaks from it, and is it one of the reasons why it took a little more than expected?

"Yes, most of the shoot was done in chronological order, but I did have to go back and do a few 'extra' shots to fill in some holes in the plotline I noticed while in the editing phase. And indeed I did take some breaks - RL has a nasty tendency to intervene, so there were a few weeks where I didn't have the opportunity to work on things.

Before, and it's a dayum fine one already....

Fortunately, those times nicely coincided with the transition periods between production phases (such as between shooting the pics, and then editing them all in PS). Also, I took a break before final completion and churned out a few single-shot pics, as you can see on my flickr. (I started this project right after the last of the first round of Dokie-Does shots.)"

And as part of the comic, on the right. Gives you an idea of much work it is for every panel, now?

- Is shooting for a comic much different from shooting for your single one-shot photos?

"Comic shooting is quite different, I think, insofar as it involves creating a lot more poses than a single-shot pic. But the principle and techniques are relatively the same. Sometimes, I have a general idea of the layout when shooting, but most of the time, the page layout just emerges from putting together the finished shots and including text. As far as editing, I do all the layer work on each pic individually (such as editing out funky angles or clothing issues), but once all that is done, I do lighting fixes to all the photos at once, to keep consistency. I usually don't have a lot of 'discarded' material, maybe a few pics per comic, depending on how things progress."

- Any tips to people who want to try their luck at doing a comic book-style type of project?

" Plan, plan, plan lol. There are great exceptions, but a lot of the other comics I've seen have either shallow plot-lines, bad editing, or just plain nonsensical elements to them. A comic isn't just about showing an act of sex, and then slapping trite and cliche dialogue onto it. Rather, it's about telling a story, building character, creating a 'world' that the reader can escape into for a little while. Sure, sex is the main element, but everybody can shoot a series of sex pics.

To stand out, you need depth and flow - the story needs to transport your reader into that scene with coherency, consistency, and cerebral appeal. After all, the brain is your biggest sex organ - if you mind isn't stimulated by the comic, as well as your genitals, the writer has failed."

- Any particular anedocte about the production? Something funny during shooting?

"Not that I can think of DURING the shoot, but I have to laugh at what happened afterwards. I just finished shooting all the pics I needed, and took a few days break out of SL. In the meantime, Seddy had to change sims, but she had no way of letting me know. When I logged in the next time, the entire hangar and airbase set was gone! :O That would have been a tragedy if it occured mid-shoot, but fortunately, I had just finished and didn't need the set anymore. So good timing on that!"

- Any new project at the horizon for you ?

" Nothing yet, but ideas always flow. I might be starting up Round 2 of the Dokie-Does series soon, since I have more people on the waiting list than people I've done a shoot with for that series. So if you'd like to be in it, yet haven't gotten on the list, feel free to IM me in-world!"

Heaps of thanks to Dokie for sharing her awesome work with us, and to everyone from Seddy to Dominic Dawes for helping her putting this project together and bringing it out there for us to enjoy! Once more, the link for the whole comic is


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