Thursday, May 21, 2015

Quality Speed-edits by Xantheanne!

This is a rather un-porny post, but you know that we love to put on the blog also various tips for you pervs out there who for some reason want to edit photos and make them look all pretty and stuff!

Well, the best way to improve in editing is learning by doing, of course, but also seeing 'the masters' at work certainly helps. On Flickr you get to see sometimes 'speed-edits', where photographers show you what happens on their desktop as they edit a photo. We showed some in the past already, and some of our members even did 'live' screensharing sessions, which are just awesome.

This time I bring you the edit of two totally SFW photo, 'Blot' and 'Old country', performed by the wonderful Xantheanne, professional photographer, fashion blogger, and much more

I strongly suggest you to watch these on her flickr, where you can see them at higher sizes and find more informations and clarification through the comments, and most importantly, to visit her blog.

National Anthem

C'mon, you know you want to !

Not only you can get always valuable fashion tips, but in there, there is a whole tutorial section to explore: my favourite has to be the one about 'cloning' yourself' in photos, which is one of those so very valuable lessons that can change your perspective on doing photos, all through very simple steps and the aid of an inexpensive in-world tool.

Good girls

I don't think that I need to add that she also looks insanely hot, but let's not be pervs, come on! Focus on the photography!


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