Sunday, May 24, 2015

Survey of Second Life Sex : Over 1/3 Find Virtual Sex More Fun Than the Real Thing!

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Reading the superb NWN Blog, i found an interesting item. Second Life Blogger Canary Beck has put together a quite amazing survey on SL Sex. You can read it in depth right here.

Asking residents of Second Life about their SL-based sexual activity. Of the 267 who responded, 172 reported that they were sexually active in Second Life ( 172 out of 267!? She should have asked The Pornstars! ) . From that data set, some striking results emerged, including:

"36% of the respondents find Second Life sex more fun than real life sex."
"74% wished their real life sexual experiences were like their Second Life sexual experiences."
"92% of those that find Second Life sex more fun wished their real life sexual experiences were more like their Second Life sexual experiences."

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Her data suggests the latter result is attributable to the ability to engage through Second Life the kind of sexual activity that's likely less frequent in real life for many people for various reasons ("kinky sex (87%), and sex with different partners (89%)").

The top item mirrors the results of an academic study from leading virtual world academic Edward Castronova, co-authored with Gert G. Wagner, that people get more happiness from being in Second Life than good news from real life. Indeed, Canary concludes "The data suggests those who like Second Life Sex more are having less real-life sex than those who prefer real-life sex over Second Life sex."

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That's not to say everyone's like that -- Canary's survey included an open question which includes answers like this:

“They’ve made me fantasize more, and made me want to better learn all that my body likes, sexually. I feel less repressed, meaning, I allow myself to fantasize and feel more than I used to, because I’ve realized that playing some fantasies in my mind doesn’t mean that I want them really happening in the real world. I enjoy the risk without the possible dangerous consequences, because it all happens in my mind.”

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Much more to read at the source -- go here and dive in.

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