Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Pornstars' Rack - May Magazines!

We had a movie weekend, but magazines meanwhile were all over the place! Here, take a look at

Aroused! Magazine

Aroused! Magazine Issue 25

Summer is approaching, and Aroused! ( as always out every 2 weeks) opens this time with a gorgeous bikini photoshoot by magazine photographer par excellence, Kei Frequency. I said bikini? Well...yes, but they do come off at some point, see? And you'll love that, as Kei herself is such a gorgeous model, well matched by her friend and cutest cephalopod ever Jocelyn 'Jojo' Esharham.

Look who's wearing just shadow and her smile!

But of course there is lots to see on the pages of the magazine. Springing from the work of editor and photographer Marika Blaisdale, which brings us a delightful shadowplay with the ever sweet Iris Okiddo, to the work of the dedicated and always reliable staff photographers of the magazine, from your favourite Viking Graham Collinson and another venus in furs (on furs, actually) in Damiani, to madame Sandra Palletier shooting the owner of the quite famous strip joint 'The Chocolate Bar'...

Another set mixing intrigue and explicitness, by Sandra

to the always prolific and energetic Sasquatch Rhino, who once more brings us beautiful views of models, with two sets that couldn't be any more different in setting, mood, focus.

D'awww...so cute. Butterfly and all ! 

I loved them both of course, and I love the range the magazine possesses, without seeming disjointed. Brilliant photography at work, and from my sources, much more at work too for the next issue.

D'awww...so cute. Butt and all !

Go get Aroused! You know you wanna. In-world if you wish , thanks to MP! For Free! Or online, on its website. Have fun, and hope to see you in it soon. It's easier than you think, if you are confident in your own work or modeling abilities! Contact Marika Blaisdale for info and feedback.

Are you in a SL Magazine? Ok, then I need to know about it ! Tell me what are you up to and I am gonna cover it in the blog if i can!

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