Monday, May 4, 2015

The Sexiest® Pornstars : Official Star Wars Gallery 2015

May The Fourth Be With You, on this Happy Ass Monday! Welcome to this years brand new Official Star Wars Pornstars® Gallery. I have to say a huge thank you to everybody who joined in and sent me their pictures for this years feature. As usual, some hot, sexy, creative, and fun Star Wars content!

Have a happy May The Fourth!

Featuring :  Kerri Fegte with Han Solo: Candide Swashbuckler ( By Kerri. ), Edvard Taurion and Rosa Rhiadra (by Rosa), Margarita Blanco, Sam Hanks ( By Bewitched Difference. ), Bewitched DifferenceRavi Redfield with Urmeli Ellisson ( By Ravi. ) and Urmeli herself as Amidala , Erika ThorkveldZimmi Warwick ( Yoda Mesh Omar Cypher )Zuby Gloom ( Both Models Zuby! ), and again Margarita Blanco, and Jewell Infinity , with more photos, followed by Dotolie and Rae Titlover , and how to forget the romantic porn viking Graham Collinson with Fleur Coco ( don't you recognize them?)! In a continuation of their photo from last year.
And to close the gallery we just have to bring you some of the most awesome shots from the past that we featured on the blog but not on May the 4th ! Such as two hilarious ones from Ashlynn Jameson, the spectacular 'swordfight' between Lunedor and River by Lunedor OrylIvori Faith with a famous quote, and material from Addison Summerwind (x2), SidamLouise Kristan-Faulds With Serenity and Jinx ( by Louise. ), Sucu Uriza who did a great set with Zas Hermano, JunahIqLia SLunce, and finally, why not, a bit from one of the very first Star Wars porn parody shoots, by G (Gaheris Edelmann) Serenity Kristan-Faulds!

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